Gambir Ridge Project Details

The rhythms of nature are inseparable from health and personal well-being. The setting of Gambir Ridge offers an opportunity for you to appreciate nature’s gifts, whilst being a stone’s throw away from self-contained amenities and accessibility.

Take Flight Into A Glimpse of Everything Good

Even as you savour the infinite joy of a special closeness to nature, you can also rejoice in your proximity to just about everything that matters in life. Within your vicinity is an entire collection of sought-after schools, junior colleges and international schools. All the pleasure of shopping and dining awaits at NEX and Serangoon Gardens, while the nearby Bartley and Woodleigh MRT stations make travelling a breeze.

Your Inspirations and aspirations vast and infinite

Gambir Ridge is not just a home but a unique sanctuary for body and soul, born of a location blessed with a rare tranquility and an abundance of lush, soothing greenery. The inspirations of nature are clearly seen and felt in every corner of this double-block, 77-unit development that yet encapsulates the finest of modern architecture, inside and out.

When it comes time to relax and recharge, Gambir Ridge naturally offers all the best options. Take a leisurely dip in the rooftop pool, revitalise yourself in the jacuzzi, keep fit in the gym or just enjoy a warm get-together with family or friends. There is always something to look forward to, some reason to feel this is the home you have always wanted.

There is never a dull moment at Gambir Ridge, not when you have so many ways to full up your leisure hours and social calendar. Feel free to host a party or barbecue anytime, but if a more tranquil pursuit is what you prefer, cuddle up with a book at the reading pavilion, or simply enjoy a serene stroll through the finely landscaped grounds.

Think Freely. Live Fully.

A kitchen is always at the heart of every home, which is why Gambir Ridge offers you more than just a place to cook. Well equipped with designer appliances and impeccably outfitted, each is a venue for all in the family to gather in the name of good food and joyous moments.

The gentle and soothing vibes of nature all around find their way into each home, with living spaces meticulously planned for easy, comfortable living. Offering a perfect balance between private space and room for family interaction, this is where the experience of daily life becomes a longlasting pleasure that will flow through the years.